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A metaphor for something

14 Dec 2017

A terrible thing happened to my dog. I left her outside a store, and when I came out ten minutes later, she was gone. I had tied her leash to a post that had a length of metal chain – about three feet long – attached to it. She must have tugged at the leash […]

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03 Jan 2016

I just bought this timer. The plan is to eliminate all procrastination in my life forever. Procrastination is a huge problem with me. Whole mornings sometimes pass before I write a single sentence. It can take a week to make a phone call. I fold laundry so slowly that clothes from the waiting pile often […]

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12 Oct 2015

I went to Connecticut to talk about writing to a middle school. I wanted the talk to be interesting, perhaps even inspiring. But as I went along, I began to worry that I wasn’t being either of these things. It was hot in the hall, and I had been talking and taking questions for nearly […]

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The Big Picture

13 Jul 2015

Things look different from above. I’m floating over upstate New York in a hot air balloon. The farmhouses below are building blocks and the lines of corn are drawn on the ground with a green crayon. I count the cows in a field at a single glance. Roads lead directly to a distant town. I […]

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