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A metaphor for something

14 Dec 2017

A terrible thing happened to my dog. I left her outside a store, and when I came out ten minutes later, she was gone. I had tied her leash to a post that had a length of metal chain – about three feet long – attached to it. She must have tugged at the leash […]

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The Little Forest

26 Sep 2017

I call it the Little Forest, but it gets larger every day. On the map it’s barely more than fifty acres. You can walk all the way through in less than ten minutes, from the parking lot at one end to the railway line at the other. I started taking the dog there because it […]

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The runaway

07 Feb 2017

One of my fictional characters has escaped and is on the loose. It started a few months ago when I got a letter from a reader telling me how much she’d enjoyed my latest book, Brightwood, and how Frank was her favorite character. Frank isn’t the main character in Brightwood. She’s only the imaginary friend of […]

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The magic pencil

10 Jun 2016

We redecorated JR’s room not long ago. It hadn’t been done since he was about six. He likes to hold onto things. The farmyard picture he’d had as a toddler was still hanging on the wall, and drifts of long forgotten toys lay in great heaps behind the cupboard door. Under his desk, plastic bins […]

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