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25 Feb 2016

There’s a lot to see at the Harvard Museum of Natural History but I spent most of my time with the beetles. It turns out that one out of every four animals on earth is a beetle. About 350,000 species have been identified. Harvard’s collection contains only a fraction of this vast diversity but it’s […]

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Friday morning with gorillas

04 Feb 2016

If you want to see gorillas you can go to the zoo any time you like. But if you want gorillas to see you, it’s important to pick the right day. You need to go early on a weekday in the middle of winter, when the giraffes have all gone, and the butterfly enclosure is […]

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By the river

25 Nov 2015

The best moments come when you least expect them. I was in London last week, visiting my publishers to talk about plans for my new book The Secret Life of Daisy Fitzjohn (Brightwood in the US). It was a lovely meeting. The book had been difficult to write. It had gone through multiple drafts and […]

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