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My exercise book (part one)

13 Apr 2016

My mum found one of my old exercise books in the bottom of a drawer. It was made during my first year at school; a tattered collection of pages consisting of diary entries, writing assignments and a lot of crayoned drawings of people with bunches of sausages instead of hands. I leaf through it eagerly, […]

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09 Dec 2015

My friend found this creature in his yard and said I had to adopt it or else it would die from the cold. He told me it was called Mike. I knew he hadn’t given any real thought to the name. ‘Mike’ just starts with the same letter as ‘mantis’, that’s all. I really, really […]

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The safety of letters

28 Sep 2015

It always cheers me up to pass this branch of CVS Pharmacy and see that, yet again, there are birds nesting in the large letters of the store’s logo. How do they get away with it? It’s possible the managers of this particular CVS are all bird lovers. Or maybe they – like Bill Murray […]

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Random stories

22 Sep 2015

Not long ago, I started putting collections of things under glass domes. The objects are completely random. They’re just things I like for mostly sentimental reasons, but have no other place for. A toy car, a wedding cake topper, a coin, a terracotta head. I choose them without much thought. But once placed under a […]

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