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The eternal question

20 Dec 2015

Which is better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? When I was little, the answer seemed obvious. It was Christmas Day of course. Christmas Day was the prize, the blessed goal, the breaking of a fever that had lasted for weeks. It didn’t make sense to prefer the day before. But now it’s more the Christmas […]

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Just elephants

10 Sep 2015

If you’d never seen a cow before, the sight of one would be incredible. But after you’d seen a hundred, they’d become, well…just cows. This summer, on holiday in Sri Lanka, I wondered if it was the same with elephants. Elephants are all over the place in Sri Lanka, many living wild. I saw them […]

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Drinking stars

04 Sep 2015

This little star shaped thing is made from tea. It is unique to Amba Estate, a tiny tea farm high in the mountains of Sri Lanka. The star comes from legendary soil. Amba Estate lies directly above a waterfall where according to the Indian epic, the Ramayana, the kidnapped goddess Sita hid in a cave, […]

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Where I work (Michelle)

30 Jul 2015

To look at this shabby little doll, you wouldn’t think she was once a prized possession. I was given her when I was about five or six. I didn’t have many toys and was overwhelmed when I first saw her. Her hair shone and she was wearing a beautiful navy and white dress. I called […]

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