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The eternal question

20 Dec 2015

Which is better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? When I was little, the answer seemed obvious. It was Christmas Day of course. Christmas Day was the prize, the blessed goal, the breaking of a fever that had lasted for weeks. It didn’t make sense to prefer the day before. But now it’s more the Christmas […]

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09 Dec 2015

My friend found this creature in his yard and said I had to adopt it or else it would die from the cold. He told me it was called Mike. I knew he hadn’t given any real thought to the name. ‘Mike’ just starts with the same letter as ‘mantis’, that’s all. I really, really […]

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By the river

25 Nov 2015

The best moments come when you least expect them. I was in London last week, visiting my publishers to talk about plans for my new book The Secret Life of Daisy Fitzjohn (Brightwood in the US). It was a lovely meeting. The book had been difficult to write. It had gone through multiple drafts and […]

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Happy Birthday RLS

12 Nov 2015

There’s so much I love about the short, adventurous life of Robert Louis Stevenson. I love the romantic figure he cut with his long hair and velvet jackets. His extraordinary passion for travel. The way he didn’t learn to read or write until the age of seven, and had to dictate to his nurse, because […]

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