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encounter on the stairs

12 Nov 2019

I was at a school, about to give a class, when I passed a boy walking down the stairs. He had his nose in a book, apparently too engrossed in the story to look where he was going. Normally, I wouldn’t have said anything, but there’s something about being in a school that makes me […]

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an embarrassing moment

01 Oct 2019

You’re supposed to keep your eyes open when you’re on safari in a tiger reserve. But if you’re also gathering material for a book and every detail – however small or random – might potentially be useful, the act of looking intensifies to a point where you start to feel slightly demented. I spent a […]

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getting the setting

13 Sep 2019

I don’t know how I imagined I could write a story about tigers in India without actually going to India to see tigers. I thought it would be enough to scroll through lots of pictures and visit the tigers in my local zoo. It wasn’t. By the end of my first draft, I was in […]

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Research Madness

30 Aug 2019

Does this ever happen to other writers? You have to do some research in order to write a story and one thing leads to another, and before you know it, you realize it’s the other way around. You’re not doing research in order to write a story. You’re writing the story in order to do […]

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